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    The Billy Goat Baby Gear Story

    Once upon a time…

    in a tiny village in Greece, a little boy was visiting his relatives for the summer. One sunny day, his favorite uncle took him for a hike in the nearby hills. As the boy reached the hilltop, he saw a Billy Goat nibbling at the grass. Suddenly, the goat lifted its bearded head to looked towards the boy. In that moment the little boy and Billy Goat formed an instant bond with each other. The boy would escape to the lush green hills to visit his new friend, the Billy Goat. The two would spend hours frolicking in the fields, creating mischief and playing pranks on the boy’s uncle. And there’s more! They learned invaluable essential life lessons from each other, like generosity, kindness and forgiveness. Most importantly of all, the boy and Billy Goat remained friends long into the future creating many fond memories…

    Follow along to learn more about the boy, the Billy Goat and crew!